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Welcome to the Archbold Law Firm, P.A.  Located in Sarasota, Florida, we specialize in estate planning, probate, and trust administration.  We assist clients with estates and trusts of all types and sizes, and are committed to practicing law with integrity and providing top-notch legal representation and customer service at fair prices.  We look forward to working with you. 


Areas of Law Practice

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of preparing for death and incapacity. Estate plans vary based on the needs of the client, but they frequently consist of documents such as wills, trust agreements, living wills, designations of health care surrogates, declarations of preneed guardians, durable powers of attorney, and beneficiary designation forms.


Probate is the process by which a deceased person’s assets are administered by the court. It involves gathering the deceased person’s assets, paying the deceased person’s debts and taxes, and distributing the deceased person’s assets to the beneficiaries in accordance with the deceased person’s will and/or state law.

Trust Administration

Trustees of trusts have many powers, rights, duties and responsibilities in Florida. Some of those powers, rights, duties and responsibilities may be outlined in the will or trust agreement that establishes the trust, but others are only found in the Florida Trust Code. The Florida Trust Code may override the will or trust agreement, so the document cannot be relied upon by the trustee.

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